Article: LeBron James comes up with an on-the-fly Jonas Jerebko scouting report

SWedish sports journalists shat their pants last week when a journalist asked Lebron James during an Olympic press conference about his view on Jonas Jerebko. The answer was this:

‘Jerebko? Do you want me to talk about Jerebko?”

That’s what LeBron James asked a Swedish reporter when he surfaced a question about Pistons forward Jonas Jerebko, the lone Swedish player in the NBA.

James had glowing things to say about the Swedish national team member.

“Jerebko’s a good player. No, I mean, he’s a really good player. He’s doing so much for his team,” James said. “He can play at different positions, he’s good at rebounds, he’s good in defense.

“He’s already a shining star in Detroit. And he is just going to get better and better.”

Now, it’s always nice when great players talk about not-so-great players in this way. But, please, don’t ask this kind of questions during a press conference after an Olympic basketball game. It would have been awesome if he would have said it out of nowhere, though.


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